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Per-en-ni-al according to Webster's unabridged twentieth Century Dictionary:

1.Lasting or continuing without cessation through the year
2.Perpetual; unceasing; never-failing
3.In botany, continuing more than two years

Our name, Perennial Gardens, was chosen to reflect the silk floral decorative creations that we have been known for since 1987, as in the 3rd meaning but our passion to provide the ultimate in floral and home decor is accurately reflected in the 1st and 2nd meanings. So from now on, just call us Perennial!

Extraordinary interiors are what you will find at Perennial. Bombay chests, accent tables, architectural iron, lamps, pictures, linens and clocks are all presented in innovative vignettes to help you decide how they will compliment your home. Our upholstered sofas, chairs and ottomans are offered in a wonderful variety of the latest fashions and colors and all have fabulous warranties. We welcome special orders. If you want us to help you put it all together, we're always glad to come to your home or office for a free consultation.

Exceptional and dependable, that's our fresh floral department at Perennial. Our creativity and professional approach have resulted in many hundreds of satisfied customers who rely on us for their floral needs. Whether it's gorgeous wedding flowers, elegant sympathy tributes or any special occasion, Perennial delivers.

Our Perennial Pantry is ready to create delicious gourmet gifts. The cupboard is filled with coffees, teas, chocolate, spreads and jams all kinds of yummy treats. Your gift creation will be eye catching too with added candles, dishes, mugs, towels and stemware to jazz things up! We will wrap a gift or create a basket masterpiece just for you.